Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Lazy Bloggers Make Bulletted Lists

  • Claire's down for nap and I totally scammed my neighbor Chelsea into taking MG for a little while. It's nice and quiet on a Tuesday... That never happens!
  • Every single day Mary Grace saves part of her snack at school for Claire. Every day. Awwww...
  • I should be making cranberry sauce right now.
  • I went to grab the link to the cranberry sauce I'm making, and AllRecipes.com is running soooooo slooooowww! I guess I'm not the only one who doesn't use real cookbooks anymore.
  • Except for the Better Homes and Gardens New Cook Book, which is a classic...
  • The waffle recipe in there, with the egg whites beaten to soft peaks, is awesome.
  • I don't eat waffles anymore.
  • Have you ever made your own cranberry sauce? It's fun, you should try it. Totally easy, too. Do it a couple days ahead of time... As in, today.
  • Mary Grace filled up her sticker row at school today and got to choose a toy. She chose a woolly mammoth, probably the one from Ice Age, Happy Meal toy. She hasn't put it down since.
  • It occurs to me that when parents don't give their children the opportunity to earn something, they deny them a great experience.
  • We have star charts at home, too, but I suck at remembering to use them.
  • All of Mary Grace's stars are red - gold - red - gold etc. and she freaks right out if I suggest we should deviate from the pattern.
  • Four year olds are weird.
  • Claire's weird too, I just can't think of any specific examples.
  • So my sister and I saw New Moon the other night. When Edward dumped Bella, I handed Megan my pocket pack of Kleenex. We laughed. Then, when Jacob took off his shirt, I handed her my pocket pack of Kleenex. We really laughed. I did this several more times throughout the movie - it was fun.
  • Speaking of Twilight - I just want to note for the record that pale boys in skinny jeans do not do anything for me.
  • Plus, I don't like the whole undertone of the movie. Pick the broody stalker who will kill you! Your boyfriend is more important than your soul! No, pick the werewolf who can't control his temper and will probably maim you! Jeez... How about pick the sweet, human friend who asks you to the movies, Bella. Oh he's too boring? Yuck.
  • Teenaged girls would be well-served if they would go for the boring guys more often.
  • I wrote a brilliant essay in college about how bad guys are sexy because the fear of death makes you feel alive, and feeling that alive is sexy, and blah blah blah but it has been lost to the winds of time.
  • I wish I could access my college e-mail account and read what I used to think.
  • It worries me that my next of kin will be able to request access to my Gmail account and read everything that's in there after I die.
  • I'm just going to have to outlive everyone.
  • This is also why I can't write a book.
  • I do, however, have a great idea for a sitcom.
  • Ok, that cranberry sauce isn't going to make itself.


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Adelas said...

You would probably like this:

It's in the same vein as what you wrote, and very insightful. And also amusing.

Really really, I think you'd like it.