Saturday, November 14, 2009

It's Oh So Quiet

BJ and the girlies are over at Brandon's. BJ won't be home until late, and the girlies won't be home until morning. So I've got the first verse of this song stuck in my head:

...except the Bjork version (embedding disabled by request). I had no idea it was a remake. Ha! Learn something new every day.

Love Bjork, she's nuts. I like that in people.

Speaking of nuts, there's me. I got another wrong number text on my cell last night that said, "You know anything yet?" so, of course I write back, "Yeah, I'm pregnant." (I'm not pregnant, I'm just mean.) It turned out that the person thought I was his girlfriend's (wife's?) mom! HAHAH... I let him off the hook, after about half an hour (also after telling him I was going to name the baby after him, and, most importantly, told him not to tell anyone. Heee!).

All of this was chronicled on Facebook.

What's funny is that the guy was holding a phone in his hand the entire time we were talking about this (fake) pregnancy, and he never thought to call me for clarification's sake. I love technology.

Speaking of FB, I've had way too much fun this week posting pictures from high school on FB. Pictures like this:

I'm the one in the red coat. I showed this picture to Karen and Tammy - both of whom I've known for 5 years - and they didn't recognize me. "That's YOU?" they both said.

Hellllloooo, diet!

'Cause, you know, two weeks before Thanksgiving is the perfect time to start a diet. I'm not self-defeating at all. In fact, I think if you look in the archives I started a diet last November, too.


I did make it to the grocery store to stock up on fruits and vegetables for the doomed diet. And I didn't forget anything, because, it's oh so quiet... shhhh! Shhhh!

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