Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Barnes & Noble

Mary Grace had a gift certificate to Barnes and Noble from her birthday. When we went out shopping the other night, we told her that she could choose a book.

She brought back a paperback Barbie Princess book that was only $3.99.

"Honey, this is only four dollars - you have ten! You can afford to get two books like this!" I said, and she scampered off.

A few moments later she came back to BJ and I with a Disney Princess book in her hand. "I chose this book for Claire."

We didn't prompt her. We would've bought Claire a book, anyway, so she didn't go home empty-handed (books are the one thing with which I don't mind spoiling the kids). But Mary Grace noticed that Claire didn't have a gift card, and she got her little sister a book, all on her own.

She has such a kind heart.

(I post this here not to boast, but to record and to remember. Sometimes it's easy to get overwhelmed with the difficult moments, and the sweet gestures are so easily forgotten. Why is it that our minds remember the hard days so much more easily than we remember the good days? Is it part of being a mother, or is it just part of life?)


Mimi said...

That is so precious.

RobMonroe said...

To hell with not boasting - BOAST! Put that on a bumper sticker - "my daughter is thoughtful, and yours is not"

Okay, might be too much for a bumper sticker, but really, that's awesome!

katshepherd said...

I'm with Rob - boast away! So often we are overwhelmed with life and what sticks out are the things that stick - and not the soft and sweet and sensitive things that make the world beautiful. My eyes welled up like they do when my Girlie strokes my face and says, "You're lovely, Mommy." Bravo to you for teaching this thoughtfulness too!