Wednesday, February 6, 2008

If Martha Stewart and MacGyver had a kid...

We realized, from playing in the yard, that MG freaks right out if her hands get cold. When she fell forward and caught herself on her hands in our back yard, she immediately wanted to come inside and wash them. It's just one of her things. She also hates being sticky. Anyway, when BJ suggested sledding, I immediately thought, "What are we going to do if her hands get cold?" I didn't want the experience ruined for her if she fell, and I didn't want to listen to her cry until we could get her to a sink with warm water... So, here's what I did.

Have I told you about rice bags/rice socks before? I made mine out of an old terrycloth dishtowel, but you can also use a (clean!!) tube sock, or whatever fabric you have handy. Just make a pouch, fill it up with rice (real rice, not Minute Rice, unless you want to set your microwave on fire. Literally. I've done this.) and then nuke it for a few minutes until it's a nice temperature (check frequently). Then you have a nice warm, moist heat for a variety of purposes.

So, I took my rice bag, which is the size of a small throw pillow, tossed it in the microwave until it was steaming hot, put it in an insulated shopping bag, and we were ready to go. I just left it in the back of the van, in case we needed it. We didn't. But we would have, if it hadn't been there.

You can also use rice bags for sinus infections - the warm heat loosens up all the gunk in your head and soothes the ache, pulled muscles and sore backs, coping with contractions (if you have time for such fussiness when you're in labor - I don't - I barely have time to get to where the doctor is and make sure he's present and accounted for), warming up the cold spot in the bed where your feet go (this is especially nice on a cold winter night!), warming up the crib before you put the baby in it so that the shock of the cold mattress doesn't wake her up, and as a tactile toy for a little one (Claire likes to smoosh mine).

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Adonya said...

OMGosh! You are my new she-ro.

Am I wicked jazzed I stumbled upon your site.

I used to have a store-bought rice pack, and I was bummed when it became contaminated with a pesticide (pre-holistic days).

I am so glad I now have the "recipe" to make my own. WOOHOO!

I'm looking forward to reading your other posts. :D

Adonya Wong
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