Thursday, October 4, 2007

Claire Update

Claire's fever is down to a much more reasonable 99, and she's resting comfortably. No worries. It's just the shots.

In particular, it's the rotavirus vaccine, I think. It did a number on her last time, too. However, every time I start thinking, "Gee, maybe I shouldn't have gotten that vaccine for her. After all, I knew it would make her sick again, just like last time..." etc. I remember rushing to the ER with Mary Grace when she was vomiting blood from full-blown rotavirus, and I remember that a mild case from a weakened strain in a vaccine is much better and easier to deal with than the real thing.

It's a little hurt now instead of a big hurt later, which is really what shots are. It's hard to inflict pain on our poor little ones, but it would be even harder to see her get sick with rotavirus, or polio, or measles, and to know that I could've prevented it!

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Erin said...

I didn't know there was a rotovirus vaccine until you had mentioned it a couple of months after Katelynn had the dreaded rotovirus. We think she's had it since then (because there's been outbreaks at daycare) but her symptoms have been extremely mild ever since.

Thankfully, I won't have to worry about this daycare thing too much longer!

Erin :)