Monday, October 15, 2007

Say it isn't so...

She had no nap today. She went all day, through two long-ish car rides (to The City in the Middle and the Big Museum and back). Napless. No nap. In Nap Town, even. Ironic.

She was fine until about 8 pm, when she got fussy, but we managed to reason her through it until we could get her to bed (we were at the office at the time). She was okay. Without a nap. Without. A. Nap. That faint sound you hear is me crying, "Noooooooooooooo!!!!!"

I am not ok without a nap. I need her nap. I can not imagine what life will be like when she gives it up for good.

Benedryl would be wrong, wouldn't it? *sigh*

How old were your kids when they gave up their naps?


Jen said...

Vincent still occasionally takes one, and he'll be 5 next week. He took one every day till about 1 year ago, then he started dwindling off. At 2, a nap is not an option. Good luck. I have a kid who thinks they make the rules too.

Michelle said...

Blaine was about 3 when he no longer needed naps. During the transition, I remember cranky evenings until he got used to the new routine...maybe about a week. He was in day care from the time he was two and they are required by the State to provide at least a 45 minute "rest time". They told me he would lay quietly while some of the others napped. Then, in all-day Kindergarten, they even provided the same "rest time" at the beginning of the school year! Toward the end of the 2nd nine weeks the teacher weened them off that and started to prepare for first grade. He still falls asleep in the car on occasion...and then doesn't want to go to bed at night. Long car rides are great for learning how to count syllables and recognizing prime numbers!

Melissa said...

Hi :) Found you through the Blog Her link... all of my kids have been different. My oldest stopped napping around 4. My middle child stopped when he was about 3. My youngest stopped at 2, but, the trade off with her was a longer night. She goes to bed at 7 and sleeps till 6:30-7:00. Good luck!

Charlyn said...

One thing I have learned is: once does not mean a habit. Sometimes my kids would go for a few days, or a week and then go back to napping. My 3 year old will nap a few times a week, my almost 5 year old will also (but she gets up early), my 7 year old napped on occasion until he was 6 (he was growing so fast and is tall for his age). I still make them take a 'rest' time because I home school and I need the break! My 7 year old reads and the other two look at books if they don't fall asleep.