Sunday, October 21, 2007

Open Letter to the TV Guide Channel

My family turned on the TV guide channel briefly at 3:45 pm ET on Sunday 10/21 to see if there was anything on. At that time, there was a program on above the listings about sexy rock stars or something inane. During the five minutes that the program was on, we heard the phrases, "so damn hot," and, "shake my ass..." as well as enough sexual content (talk of Playboy bunnies and men and women showering together) to make us shake our heads and turn off the TV.

We are not prudes, but we have children. While we understand that they're going to hear these words and be exposed to these themes, I didn't expect it to be on the TV Guide Channel. I didn't realize that the TV Guide Channel was one that we would have to block their access to in the middle of the day. It seems to me that a channel like this should have benign, "family-friendly" content, since you have no idea who will be watching at any given time - especially during daylight hours.

You have the right, I suppose, to show whatever trash you want to show on television, within the boundaries of the law. I also have the right to turn it off. I'm just writing to let you know why I will be turning off the TV Guide Channel from now on. I will also be copying the FCC on this e-mail, as well as posting on my personal blog: about this issue.

Perhaps if you hear from enough former viewers, you will be inspired to clean up your content during the times when little eyes might be watching.

Amy Austin, mother

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