Wednesday, October 3, 2007

All better

Thanks for all the love yesterday. I finally broke down at 10 am and took the Tylenol 3, and the headache ran away in fear. Good thing I did, too, because the doctor's office didn't call back until 4:30 pm, and guess what they called in? Tylenol 3. I would've felt like a jerk if I'd suffered all day so that I could wait for a prescription for something I already had.

I did learn why they say to "use caution" when taking codeine and driving, though. Woah, Mama. I guess I didn't think it affected me that way because I'd never tried to drive I-65 while on codeine. I found myself zoning out and said, "Oh, wow, this must be what they mean!" so I took some deep breaths and concentrated harder and we were fine. Don't worry - I had the car under control at all times, I just felt a little woogy.

We had a fun time, seeing Grandmas and hanging out. MG was her usual sparkly self. Claire was a peach. Everything went swimmingly, and I got done all of what I'd set out to do. Yay!

Claire had to have her 6 month shots today, so she's in a crap mood. Not much has happened here today as a result. I really need to clean out my car. Those bins I told you about have puked all over the place. There is no room for the babies. *sigh*

Ok, gotta go rock Claire some more. More tomorrow, when we're all (hopefully) in better moods!