Monday, October 15, 2007

We are naughty...

So part of the reason I've been quiet was because we were throwing a surprise party for my bonus mom's birthday, and I was just sure that I'd blow it if I posted too often. I'm not the best secret-keeper, as you all well know. We pulled it off, though, and she was so surprised on Saturday night when we "stopped by" my sister's house on our way to dinner, and all her friends were there. It was great fun.

We spent the whole weekend in Grammaland. Mary Grace and Claire got tons of attention. They were so good. I'm always amazed at how well behaved they are when we're on the road. They really are good little travelers.

Sunday morning after breakfast at Susie's Cafe (I had pumpkin pancakes, YUM! After I finish this post I am looking for recipes!), Megan, the girls, and I stopped at the miniature golf place to see the dragon. It was closed, which was cool, because we weren't going to play, anyway. We walked back to the mountain where the dragon lives, and we pretended to fight him with swords and magic to save ourselves (real princesses save themselves, after all. We don't need to wait for knights or princes). We won, of course, considering that the dragon is fake and has been in the same position since I was MG's age. It was fun to see her use her imagination, though. She's been very into magic, lately, thanks to Charlie and Lola, and spends a lot of time covering things up and making them disappear. Of course, we act impressed. She also says "abracadabra," which is too cute. Any stick becomes a magic wand, and her "guys" are constantly appearing in her hats. It is a fun phase. I'm amazed that she understands the very abstract concept of magic, and is engaging in pretend play already. She never ceases to amaze me.

When we finally got home Sunday afternoon at 5, MG and I left Claire with Daddy and we took a two hour nap. Grammaland is a tiring place! It's probably a good thing that we don't live there, or we'd be exhausted (although the house across the street from Mom's is for sale, and it's tempting! Wouldn't it be funny if all three of us kids lived within 100 feet of the house we grew up in?)

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Beagoodmom said...

I assume your "bonus Mom" is your step mom or Mother in law? That's cute. What a nice way to title her. I am sure she loves it.