Friday, October 12, 2007

Good fences

We are blessed with wonderful neighbors. The guy behind us plows the entire block's snow every time snow falls in the winter, God love him. We live on a corner, so it's no small amount of snow, either. We are on a frequent-speaking basis with several of the folks who live in our neighborhood. This is as it should be.

Not all neighbors are great, though. My mom, in particular, seems cursed with bad neighbors (perhaps this is why she has talked Megan and Chuck into moving in near her - to thwart further bad neighborism!). She's got this one lady who screamed at her for letting her dog (actually my brother's dog, but whatever) crap in her yard as the dog was crapping and Mom was standing there with a bag in her hand, waiting to clean it up. (My suggestion was that she make a chocolate cake with green icing and green coconut on top, then put two Snickers bars in the microwave for a few seconds on a sheet of waxed paper, then invert the Snickers over the cake to resemble a pile, and then right, "Sorry about the Poop!" in yellow icing, and take it to her. And when she looked at Mom in horror, I told Mom to run her finger along one of the candy bars, and lick it, while looking her directly in the eye. But I digress...)

But I don't think any neighbor I've heard of can top this one.

Leave your good and bad neighbor stories in the comments!

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adymommy said...

wasn't that the most pathetic thing you read! So sad! I just wanted to take that little girl and hug her. She can come and draw on my driveway and sidewalks anytime!

We are friendly with our neighbors.
Across the alley from us the woman has rabbits in her garage that they raise for 4-H. She has said our kids are welcome to come look anytime they want and when she is outside she lets them pet them.

I have heard that 2 doors down there are some complainers but they put their house on the market and are soon to be moving.:)