Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Poll Results

Hey, thanks for participating in the poll. It was really interesting. I'm feeling a little less pressure, now.

I wanted to address one comment I got about taking MG to the potty every 10 - 15 minutes. I was trying to establish a baseline for how often she peed. My thought was that I'd take her every 10 minutes, and if she stayed dry then I'd up it by a minute, and keep increasing by a minute every time until I got to the point where she was wet in between, and if that was at 22 minutes, great, then I know to take her every 22 minutes. Does that make sense? But we never even got to that point, because she was wetting her pants every time I put a new pair of Big Girl Panties on her. Oh well.

I also wanted to address the person ended up here by doing a Google search for "Mommy's Pretty Panties." Seek professional help, and don't ever read this blog again. Seriously. Ugh. (No, I am not happy about the fact that I come up on a Google search for "Mommy's Pretty Panties." It's sort of ironic, considering that I am a total Granny Panty wearer.)

And this concludes tonight's episode of Too Much Information.

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