Friday, February 20, 2009

The Fever That Never Ends

Mary Grace has had a fever and a terrible cough since Tuesday. She coughed so hard last night that she threw up. I've kept her home from all activities (school, gymnastics, ballet) and canceled Allison all week.

Tonight I told BJ that I needed to get out of the house for a while, so I went to the store and picked up BW3s for dinner.

The girl at BW3s apologized for the long wait - I guess I got there right in the middle of their dinner rush. I said, "You won't believe this, but waiting here and reading the newspaper on my phone is the most fun I've had all week."

I feel like I'm in jail.

Can someone be harmed by running a low grade fever for four or five days? I called her doctor, to get the dose for Robitussin (which, it turned out, was on the bottle), and they said that it's "going around" and to bring her in if she isn't better in four or five days. Of course, that puts us at the weekend, so I figure I'll take her in Monday if she isn't better. She's improved, over Tuesday, but not well. Her cough is heartbreaking. Claire is coughing, too, but she doesn't have the fever. Weird. They seem to do ok if they sit quietly and watch movies, but if they jump around they start to cough.

Asthma? Pneumonia? Allergies? Cystic fibrosis? Bubonic plague?

Being alone with my paranoia and Google all day doesn't help.

I called Bumpa today to see if he'd come over and entertain me, but he'd gone to Grammaland. I tried to talk BJ into working from home today, but he laughed and ran out the door.

Please, entertain me.


RobMonroe said...

I'm sending an email in an effort to make you chuckle.

In the mean time - I'm sorry that you're trapped in the house with a sick'uns. C is probably just imitating her sister, I wouldn't put too much time into diagnosing her.

You're the best, remember that!

morganna said...

Have you ever been to ? They post a picture every day and people post things they wrote about the pictures in the comments. Even if you don't want to post, you could look at the pictures and read the comments. Maybe it would distract you.

I bet it's the flu. We just had something similar -- my son's about Mary Grace's age. We didn't get the cough so bad, but definitely a fever. Just when I thought it would never go away (we all got it in succession), we all got better. Good luck, and don't get too paranoid.

Jen said...

see previous post...