Friday, February 13, 2009

It's my lucky day!

I was born on the 13th (Tuesday) so I've always kept 13 as my lucky number.

Unfortunately it doesn't seem to affect movie theaters. The two movies we wanted to see tomorrow (Inkheart or Fanboys) are not showing anywhere near here! Boo!!! Stupid local movie theater monopoly!! So have any of you seen any good movies in the theater lately? We were thinking about "He's Just Not That Into You," but that doesn't seem very Valentine-y.

We have several movies here to watch, so chances are good that we'll go out for a drink with our friends Karen and Jim, because it's Jim's birthday, then head to dinner, then come home. The projection and sound quality are better at home, anyway, thanks to my geek. The popcorn and snacks are also cheaper. Not that we'll need either after going out for supper.

If anyone has another suggestion for what we could do with our night of freedom, leave a comment. (No, we haven't had kids so long that I've forgotten the obvious answer to that question... I was thinking more of things we could do that we could discuss on Ye Ol' Family Blog).

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Maggie said...

Slumdog Millionare! Seriously, saw it last weekend and it's a great movie that you can both enjoy! Leave that chick flick for a girls/mommy's night out! :)