Thursday, February 26, 2009

Going Gray

Girl's Gone Child is talking about her mom's decision to let her hair go gray. Her mom plans to write a book about the experience. I wanted to share a picture of my beautiful mom, but couldn't figure out a way to put a link on her comments... so here she is!

Isn't she beautiful? She loves her hair, too. So GGC, tell your mom that looking this fabulous is what she has to look forward to.

I love it when Boomers embrace their true age, rather than trying to pretend that they're still teenagers, as so many of them do. It's so much classier! Power hair! RAWR!

My hair is expressing its solidarity too, GGC.


Anonymous said...

Your mom looks younger than I do at 42! Gorgeous woman :)

Tara said...

I always think gray hair is fab. Devil Wears Prada? Miranda Priestly wouldn't have been so fierce with brown hair. LOL.


Anonymous said...

If you weren't self employed, and if you worked in a profession that discriminates against women over the age of 35, then you might feel differently about trying to look younger than you are. Sometimes that hair color will get you a job offer you wouldn't otherwise receive.

di said...

What a gorgeous person, inside and out!

Anonymous said...

Tell your friend that Anne Kreamer already wrote the book about going grey.