Thursday, February 12, 2009

I changed my mind

Loving your comments about yesterday's post. They've given me lots of things to think about.

Then I found this picture today, and I found myself unable to think for a good minute before my synapses came back online... Ok, I can't copy it over here so you'll have to CLICK HERE, and make sure you haven't got anything in your mouth - I don't want you to choke or spit coffee all over your keyboard. Ready? Click.

I changed my mind - anyone who would let that happen to her body is obviously certifiably insane. Take the keys and lock her up, lock her up, lock her up. Great googly moogly.

The good news is that seeing that pictures should make Kaity and Karen, who are both in their last trimesters of pregnancy, feel much better! And svelte.


Anonymous said...

I commented yesterday (second anonymous).. Just wanted to say that your blog makes me laugh..

Dr Phil spent the whole time today on her again!! I'm thinking he's getting more like Jerry Springer every day..which makes me sad since I have always thought he has alot of common sense.

Glad to see you changed your mind.. you gotta admit, she must have a screw loose. I think so even more now, after reading more about her.

Erin said...

Hey Amy, I saw those pics on the Today show this morning and I felt better too! :D 8 1/2 weeks to go!!

I feel for all 14 of those kids, especially the premies. My mom and I were talking about it and she told me a story of when I was about to be released from the hospital. The decision had been made that once I was breathing on my own and had hit 5 lbs, I could go home. Mom asked one of the nurses about another little boy that was in the NICU with me for about the same amount of time, if he was going home soon (I think he was over 5 lbs at that point). The nurse told her that he would not be released until he reached 7 lbs. Mom asked about the discrepancy and the nurse replied, "We look at much more than how much the child weighs. We look at the kind of home the child is going home to." And she left it at that.

My vote (probably along with everyone else's) is to do whatever is in the best interest of the children.

KaityK said...

You know, that is the hugest stomach I have ever seen in my life!! It does makes me feel better about my nine and a half month pregnant stomach. But I bet she wasn't working 40hrs a week when she was as big as I am right now either! (Which was probably at like 4 months pregnant??)

Anyway, I agree with the posters who worry for the children. That is my biggest concern too. The decision to bring this ONE child into the world was HUGE for my husband and me. We thought about it for 2 years, and then tried to get pregnant for nine months. I don't think this woman really thought about those tiny lives individually before she decided to do this...she obviously didn't think much about the six little ones she already had.
But I won't rake her across the coals anymore than that.

I wish those children the best in life. I hope that they aren't too messed up as adults and that they all get book deals because if they survive 18 yrs in that zoo...they deserve it!