Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day... do me a favor!

My friend Casey is competing to win a role on the TV show Bones. She's a real working actress. If you listen to the radio around here, you have probably heard her doing voice-overs on commercials.

Obviously, opportunities to act are few and far between in Indiana.

The contest is on - each participant makes a video of herself reading the lines from the script, and then people come and vote, and the producers of the show will pick a winner from the 5 people with the most votes.

In other words, we need to get Casey into the top 5. Right now she's 8th.

Here's what I want you to do... Go to, create a profile for yourself (they don't spam) under "join today" and log in. Then search for "Cassandra" and click on Cassandra S., West Lafayette, IN's profile. When you get to her profile, scroll down until you see "Land a Role on Bones" and click on "Vote for me now!" That will take you to her audition video. Scroll down one more time until you see the green "vote now" checkmark, and click the check.

That's it. And if you remember to do it every day for the next 9 days, I'm sure Casey will win. It's so close. She's been in and out of the top five all month.

Let's show my friend lots and lots of LOVE this Valentine's day by helping her achieve her dream! Thanks, everyone!

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Anonymous said...

OK I voted and if she wins do I get a cameo on the show???