Friday, August 7, 2009

Frantically Cleaning

I don't have time to post - I need to get the house ready for MG's birthday party.

And I'm sick to my stomach. Kill me now. This is my punishment for not doing things earlier in the week, when I could have. Now, I want to lay on the couch and feel sorry for myself, and I can't. *pout*

I'm hoping to get all the indoor stuff done today, so that BJ and I can do the outdoor stuff (mowing, pressure washing the patio, cleaning up the outdoor toys, etc.) together tomorrow. We'll see. We may just bar the back door and not allow anyone to see our yard.

Mary Grace wants me to paint the entire house green - inside and out - so it can be the Emerald City. This kid is completely out of control.

What are you doing this weekend?


Anonymous said...

Happy birthday to your dear, little girl. Focus on how grateful you are to have MG in your lives, and maybe the cleaning while ill won't be so bad. (FYI, you *lie* on the couch, not *lay* on the couch. "Lay" means to place; "lie" means to recline. Now get back to thinking sweet thoughts about your elder daughter. And feel better soon!)

Anonymous said...

The little muchkins are just going to come over and mess it up! My secret is I only invite folks who I don't have to clean for:) Alivia's bday party is this weekend too.

KaityK said...

Happy Birthday to MG!! She's getting so grown up!
After the party I think Mommy deserves a nice hot bath and a glass of wine...and at least an hour of quiet time!
This weekend Grace and Mom and I are going to this adorable town outside of Chicago called Geneva. One of my favorite shops is there, it's called the Little Traveler and it has a little bit of everything from Antiques to garden furnitire...hopefully Grace won't mind a couple of days of shopping!

Anonymous said...

This is Bill. Sharon and I have been trying to adopt and we just got a call that there's a baby who will be ready to be picked up Monday. We're trying to figure out car seats (we have a 2007 Corolla). Do you have any suggestions?

Adelas said...

Oh phooey on anonymous. I say it wrong too and I KNOW I'm saying it wrong but I just like to say lay instead, ok?!! Hmph.

Also, happy birthday MG!

Hang in there. Just think how nice it will feel for the couple hours that it is actually clean!

mwiesjahn said...

I would give everyone green glasses, so it looks like the Emerald City but without all the work and paint!!

Anonymous said...

Adelas -- Thanks for your "oh phooey"! I really don't care if you choose to use incorrect English for stylistic reasons. Yes, it's OK with me if you use "lay"; but you don't need my permission, anyway. Live and let live.

However, in our blog writer's case, Amy has stated she would like to get a book deal, get a gig as a freelance writer, or otherwise get paid for her writing. And since her blog serves as an online writing sample for potential employment as a writer, I honestly hadn't considered the possibility that Amy knew better, yet chose to use incorrect English. When I hire employees for a position in which good communication skills are required, an error in basic English, such as this, would be enough to prevent the job applicant from getting an interview. In the business world, consistent use of proper English really does matter. That said, I wish Amy the best in her future writing career.

Thanks for your feedback, Adelas.

Amy said...

Hey, Anon, chill out. Who died and made you the grammar police?

Bob Dylan and Eric Clapton effed up the lay vs lie thing, too, and they did ok for themselves as writers.

While I would be thrilled to write a book or get freelance work, the main goal of this blog has always been to give my kids something to remember their early childhood through, and to keep my family informed about our lives. I don't go over every post - particularly those that begin with, "I don't have time to post..." - with a fine toothed comb.

Your concern is duly noted. In the future, in order to avoid my obvious ignorance of the lay vs lie usage, I will simply say, "I need a fucking nap," instead.