Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Amazing Article!!

What are you doing here? You should be reading this incredible article about Trustful Parenting at Psychology Today.

Can we get a discussion about the article going here? I'm anxious to hear what you have to say.

(I get my BEST parenting advice from Psychology Today, per Dr. Dave's recommendation - and if you've read this blog for more than 10 minutes you know that I LOVE Dr. Dave. I highly recommend that you sign up for their RSS feed).


angel0199 said...

Thanks for sharing this. The author makes a lot of good points. In addition to giving them more freedom in some ways I think we also need to let them suffer more natural consequences of their mistakes. I can guide my preschoolers interactions with her friends, but I expect my school aged kids to manage there own peer interactions. It amazes me the number of parents who will actually call another parent because there children age 10 or older had a spat the parents are trying to work out for them. Really? I also know parents who called there children teacher over trivial matters that the child should be able to adress with the teacher themselves.

I don't agree with the not asking for details about there day. I will be asking about that even when they are adults.

It'll be interesting to read the authors thoughts on schooling.

Jen said...

I particularly like the suggestion to move to a neighborhood where the kids can run and play at will (ie: govern themselves) while the parents sit on the deck and drink wine... :) Did I mention there's a house for sale across the street?

morganna said...

I think some of the letting children govern themselves and trusting them to do it has to wait until elementary age. My kids are at the preschool and toddler stages, and I will let them out in the fenced backyard by themselves but no way will I let them into the front yard or down the street alone. There are children who play outdoors here, but only like 7 years old on up. I'd be interested in the next post, on the school system.

I do try to be a trusting parent, let my kids make decisions, play alone in safe places, and take the consequences of their actions.

Mrs4444 said...

I enjoyed that article; it was affirming to me. Like my husband says, you have to "give 'em enough rope," haha