Sunday, August 23, 2009

Typical Weekend Morning

What wouldn't this guy do to make his girls happy?

Claire's got a terrible cough, but seems to be feeling better. I still feel pretty crummy, but I'll be fine after I've showered, I think. So far (knock wood) MG and BJ don't seem to have whatever Claire and I have.

And, for those who asked (Mimi), you can see what was painted in the kitchen in this picture. That backsplash used to be the salmon-that-was-supposed-to-be-terracotta color, and now it is off-white again (as it should be).

It would be cool to tile the whole thing - we have tile for behind the stove, we just haven't gotten around to installing it yet. But, for now, the off-white works.

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B.J. said...

We were just reenacting the invasion of Hoth there, which is how we normally spend Sunday mornings. Claire is obviously playing the part of General Veers and MG, for those less astute, is Clone #84491.