Thursday, August 13, 2009

Need a Do-Over

Wow, did we have a rough day yesterday. In fact, most of the days since MG's birthday have been of the rough variety... So much that I woke up at 2:30 and kicked the kids out of my bed, and then was completely unable to sleep until like 5:30 am. Hideous. I was still furious with the kids, though, and with myself for the way I handled them, and my mind just would not stop racing.

Let's just say that there was some yelling, and that it wasn't all on the part of the kids.

I have learned that you want birthdays to be special, but not too special, or you create little tyrants.

The one bright spot in an otherwise very dark day...

(I'm sorry, I just have to interject that right now Claire is pulling on her tongue and saying, "Please pull it out!" to me. She's crying because I won't take her tongue out of her mouth. This is what I'm dealing with. It's like having the most insane boss in the universe, and a job that lasts 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.)

Anyway, the one bright spot was that my friend Casey invited us over for fireworks (they had a box in the garage that was burning a hole in their pockets!) and the kids were really good while we were there. They listened, sat where I asked them, and most importantly, they didn't get burned.

But this one guy! He's one of Casey's neighbors... I said something about BJ being a rocket scientist (I think I said, "I know about explosives, I'm married to a rocket scientist,") and he muttered, "I'll be he really gives her a ride!" I was stunned into silence, which is something that NEVER happens to me! I couldn't believe that someone I hadn't even been introduced to would make such an inappropriate comment in front of 18 kids! What a creeper. I've e-mailed Casey, suggesting that she and I teepee his house, because I'm mature.

In completely unrelated news, my mouth has tasted like soap for about 24 hours, and it is getting really annoying. Brushing my teeth, drinking coffee, chewing on really strong mints - NOTHING is fixing it. I googled, but I didn't come up with anything solid. I've considered calling the doctor's office, but they already think I'm crazy. I'm pretty sure this is a symptom of something hideous, and that I'll be dead by Monday as a result of soap poisoning or something.

Goodbye forever,


mwiesjahn said...

HAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAAAA!! Soapy!! HEEHEEHEEHEE!!!! You are soooo funny! Hope your day gets better!

KaityK said...

Oh Amy! I'm sorry...tasting soap all the time sounds awful! I wonder what on Earth it's from?!
You'll have to tell us if/when you find out!

Cate said...

Is Claire having soapy taste too? Is that why she wants her tounge out? You are so so funny... your post is so clever. :)

karen said...

Shut up. I'm still chuckling, which is a bad thing because I'll wake up two grumpy boys, but you are too damn funny.