Saturday, August 29, 2009

Notes from the Compound

I am in Grammaland, completely without children! I came up for my Bonus Sister Jill's baby shower. She's due in October with a little boy - Alexander Eyi - who will be the first Korean baby in the family. Ha ha.

The shower was delightful. I got to tell Allison's mom, "Thanks for the car!" in person. Seriously, Allison having wheels has shaved a good 40 minutes off of my day, and never before has someone been so grateful that someone gave someone else a car. I can't even tell you.

We laughed, we cried, we ate chicken salad. I think there's a law that chicken salad must be served at all shower related events. Is it just me, or is chicken salad a staple where you live, too?

The best part of the food was the walking taco - you get a fun sized bag of Fritos, open it up and smash the chips, then you add taco meat, cheese, sour cream, salsa, lettuce, and onions (if you're feeling tootsy - I wasn't) and then you eat it with a fork. HILARIOUS! And it isn't messy so long as you remember to crunch up your chips. Mimi didn't, and she's still wearing walking taco.

Showers always make me feel competitive. I have to show up with the biggest present! (Julie in Detroit - I'm looking at you). So Mimi and I went in on the Super Jumbo Baby Entertainment Machine thing that Jill registered for. It was ENORMOUS. Little did we know that Mary Beth lives in the upstairs condo. The joke was on me. Should've gone with the gift card.

I'm also competitive when it comes to shower games. Mimi kicked my butt at the one where you can't say "baby" or you have to give up your clothespin. I came back, though, by dominating the unscramble-the-baby-related-word game. All those hours of playing online games finally pay off! I won a cute basket with hand soap and a couple of hand towels. Mimi and I tied the nursery rhyme completion competition, but we did not come in first. That glory went to three other gals (they totally cheated - hee!).

Now Mimi and I are sitting on her porch, blogging and enjoying the quiet and wondering what debauchery wholesome activities we should get ourselves into tonight. Trey has gone to an Indy car race in Illinois, and BJ is at home with the pretty babies. What to do, what to do? Sit here and blog, or go out and find some trouble to get into?

E-mail me if you know of any Grammaland events taking place this evening! I've also got my phone, Facebook friends. Hook a girl up!

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