Saturday, August 8, 2009

The Out of Control Party

I don't know how she does it.

Not only are people coming all the way to our town for MG's birthday party, they're doing it in costume.

Our little diva decided that she wanted a Wizard of Oz birthday costume party, and all of a sudden it has turned into an EVENT. My mom is coming as the Wicked Witch. My sister is coming as the rainbow (haha). I found a hideously and appropriately old-ladyish yellow gingham dress at Goodwill for $5, so I will be Aunt Em (complete with powdered hair to make it look white!). BJ has a morning coat, maroon vest, and top hat to be the Wizard. Claire is going to be the Cowardly Lion. My cousin Jill is going to be Glinda.

Mary Grace will, of course, be Dorothy, because she is, after all, the main character.

I've got rainbow colored treats (suckers and Skittles) for the kids. I ordered a cupcake-cake in the shape of a hot air balloon, with a rainbow-striped balloon. I got lots of green cups and plates and whatnot.

We're going to put a Yellow Brick Road up the driveway, with chalk.

I seriously wish that I posessed the ability to manipulate people that my oldest daughter has. She is a force to be reckoned with.

So I didn't want to get the Dorothy dress out ahead of time, because you know she's never going to take it off. I went to look for it Friday - guess what? NO DOROTHY DRESS! I panicked and called the costume store here, strike one. Called the costume store near Grammaland and had them hold one for my mom to pick up - she did, and the only one they had is too small. Unless we're going for the Hooker-Dorothy look (which is sort of in, as I've learned) that isn't going to work. I spazzed, but never fear, because the power of Mary Grace's will is limitless - my mom is making Mary Grace's Dorothy dress. Out of fabric. With pins and stuff.

This child is going to take over the world, mark my words.

So stay tuned, because I should have some pretty awesome party pictures tomorrow night.

(The funniest part is that she's never even seen the movie all the way through!)

Image: Wikimedia Commons

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