Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Soapiness, Continued

The water quality guy from the water company called today, so I didn't have to go all Erin Brokovich on them, and he is coming out Friday to take a water sample.

Apparently a new filtration system just went online 2 months ago, which is filtering out some of the rust in our water. It had considerable rust before... Some customers have apparently reported a change in the flavor of the water since - not necessarily to soapy, but they've noticed a difference. Perhaps what I'm detecting isn't soapiness, but an absence of rust.

My favorite suggestion so far is to swear a lot to counteract the fact that God must be washing my mouth out with soap. Also, changing to a phosphate-free dishwasher soap (our current soap does, in fact, contain phosphates - what are phosphates, anyway?).

Big outing tomorrow, so I may not post until Thursday. I'll try to do a few mobile pictures if I can.


Fran said...

Phosphates are used in soaps/detergents to prevent the formation of insoluble compounds that form with hard water (helps to prevent scummy build-up).

Your friendly neighborhood chemist :)

RobMonroe said...

Glad to hear that they are sending less rust your way! In my new office I can definitely taste a difference from the old office. Seems that I'm the only one, though. I do drink a lot more water than most people....

Did you explain to the sample-guy my theory about being given the right to cuss at folks? :o)