Monday, August 31, 2009

Jill's Shower Pictures

I finally got the battery recharged in my camera, and here are my favorite photos from Jill's shower on Saturday.

Doesn't she have that serene maternal glow?

I may get in trouble for this one, but it's the best shot of Jill's belly from the side. She's due on October 17. Alexander is going to be a big, healthy boy! Poor Jill has to really watch what she eats due to gestational diabetes. I know some of you readers have had GD, too, so leave your best tips and sympathy in the comments.

Mimi and Susan.

The giant gift that Megan and I brought. It's as wide as it is tall. I had to carry that enormous box up the stairs to Mary Beth's apartment. That's exactly what I get for being overly competitive. We also got her one of those high chairs that hangs off of the table, a couple books for the baby, and "Taking Care of Your Child from Birth to Age 5." Since Jill lives in Missouri, that's as close as we can get to babysitting, most of the time. Although, she could totally drop him off here on the way to Grammaland when he's a bit older!
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Jen said...

Wow, you got lucky with that pic of her in front of the door. I like how the light shining thru the dress (while not TOO revealing) shows her shape. Nice take!!!