Friday, August 14, 2009

Not Yet Dead

The soapy taste in my mouth persists. I finally called my doctor's office and asked them if I was going to die, because that would be really inconvenient right now (not for me, I'd be dead, it would be inconvenient for BJ, and for the business, and for the kids, and for my house which is currently a disaster area) and they ordered a blood test which shot my "OMG" meter right off the charts. Unfortunately, I can't figure out a way to go to the lab with my kids and get the blood test without them 1) wreaking havoc or 2) spazzing or c) all of the above, so it's going to have to wait until I have a little parenting back up.

Meanwhile, something hysterical happened and the other party involved said those four little words that I can't stand to hear, "You can't blog this."

But ... But... BUT I WANT TO BLOG THIS! *stomping feet* Because it was SO funny. But the other party said, "People won't take this seriously if we make it a joke, and it's important that they take it seriously, so even though it's really funny, you can't blog this." And she's right. But damn, it's funny.

My blogging life will be completely over when my kids learn those words. I can see myself getting a t-shirt that says, "I'm blogging this!" and them getting competing t-shirts that say, "You can't blog this!" I will cry.

MC Hammer needs to do a song... "You Can't Blog This." How funny would that be? With the giant pants and people dancing on keyboards in the video - I can see it now.

From now on, anything you do or say in my presence is fair game for the blog, unless you're wearing giant pants.

...'Cause this is a blogguh you can't touch!

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KaityK said...

Amy, if you need to go to the lab, drop the girls at my office, they can hangout for an hour and play with Gracie, she's very entertaining for little girls! They seem to love her!