Sunday, August 9, 2009

Party Photos - Round 3

Uncle Chuck (our photographer for the day) and Claire (who didn't wear the hot hot lion costume long).

Monty, posing.

Claire, Lucy, Mary Grace, Jane.

Playing with the balloons in the living room.

The kids are finally asleep, and the house is mostly dug out,
and we're sitting down to watch Lost - we're still catching up.
We're in the middle of season 3.

Guess what tonight's episode is called?
"The Man Behind The Curtain."


I need a beer.
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Adelas said...

Love it! You definitely do have pretty babies, girl, that's for sure. I hope your stomach settled down in time for the event?

My favorite costume was actually the rainbow (haha) but points for the man behind the curtain, too :)

Also, the dorothy costume is lovely. Kudos to the seamstress; I like to do that kind of thing when I have A LOT OF TIME TO PREPARE (of course, I have to get back on the horse since I did a through-and-through on the tip of my finger a year or two ago) but that thing got whipped together fast AND looks great.

Hope you had as much fun as it looks like.

RobMonroe said...

(Just commenting once across three posts...)

Love all of the pictures! Hope it was less stress in the end than it was prior to the party!

I love the idea of having someone at the party with the goal of shooting pictures. For Abby's first birthday I tried to be dad, host and photographer at the same time. We got cute shots really early and after people left, but nothing from most of the festivities. For her second we invited our friend Stacy and made it clear that if she asked someone to move for a pic, they should move!

Love all of the costumes! If they still fit in October you should go out Trick-or-Treating as a family! (and thus make me jealous, as it was an idea I had when Abby was an infant, but never will convince Anny to do!)