Friday, August 21, 2009

Soapy Explanation? And the Winner!

In the comments, Zoe said:
Do you think maybe the migraines and the soap taste you've been getting are related. I know I sometimes get smells that aren't really there stuck in nose before I get a migraine. It's something to consider.
Which got me to thinking, and this may be TMI for all you dads, brothers, and uncles in the audience, so hit "next" or that little red X now... My migraines have always been at the beginning and the end of my period, and darned if that soapy taste didn't start and end (yes, it's gone - and I didn't even have to eat the jalapenos my neighbor, Chelle, brought down to "cleanse my palate," thank goodness!) at the same time as my "monthly visitor."

Weird. I've had migraines my whole life (since I was 5 - prior to the hormonal ones, I got them due to hypoglycemia - I still do, but rarely), and I've never detected any soapiness. Although the change may have to do with having my IUD removed or something. I will definitely pay more attention next month.

And now we all know that I'm not pregnant.

The water company is coming out to test the water today, and I'm not inclined to cancel it because a) it took a whole week to get them out here and b) who knows - there could still be a problem, but I really think Zoe may have solved the mystery. After they test the water, I'm planning on getting a replacement filter for our kitchen sink, too. It's about time to change it, anyway, and that could also have been the cause. I doubt it, though, because it was just me. I'll probably also switch to a more natural dishwasher soap, just because.

They did tell me that they test the water daily, weekly, and monthly for various things, so I feel pretty confident in our local water supply - especially now that I know they're filtering out the rust. We had very rusty water. They just installed new filters a couple of months ago. I wonder if we'll notice a difference.

In other news, the paint looks FABULOUS, and if you're local to me I'd be happy to share my painter's e-mail address - just e-mail me. He's finishing up today, and I'll definitely be posting pictures soon.

My lovely mother-in-law came down yesterday to take care of the kids, and she cleaned! She even had the kids washing windows - ha ha! So with all this free time, I've got dinner started (a free-range "happy" chicken from my friend Angie is thawing in the sink - yes I'm changing the water every 30 minutes, and yeast rolls are thawing and rising in the oven). I think once the water guy has been here, the girls and I are going to go find a corn truck. It's nearly the end of sweet corn season, and I really don't feel like I've taken full advantage of our location this year.

Using I picked a number between one and ten, for the ten comments you left on my giveaway post, and I got 7 - which is what I would have picked without because I always pick 7, so our winner is Liz, who said I smell like cheese. Hahah!

Liz - I left a comment on your blog. Email me!

We can all be winners, though! I just ordered a gift for a friend from Little Alouette. Their prices are so reasonable, and the toys are so cute. I promise, they won't give you or your kid splinters, Jenny, any more than you get splinters from your kitchen table!


Zoe said...

Migraines are such strange things. Mine manifest differently all the time. Sometimes optical, sometimes I get the smells in my nose for days before, it's weird. I hope that is the answer to the soap taste mystery. I guess only time will tell.

BOSSY said...

Migraines are definitely tied to hormones. Great.

Anonymous said...

Regarding migraines, I feel your pain. You're lucky you have health insurance. I have to pay full price for my Imitrex, so it's $33 per tablet. Ouch.

I think Imitrex works better when combined with other, cheaper (!) drugs. Try taking only half a tablet, but combine it with other drugs such as Aleve, Excedrin Migraine/Extra Strength (those two Excedrin formulations are the same thing), Benadryl, caffeine in the form of NoDoz, etc. If the migraine isn't better after a few hours, then take the other half of the Imitrex tablet.