Saturday, January 5, 2008

Count the Product Placements

Just hanging out today, nothing to report. MG has started to use "blog" as a verb, as in, "Mommy, we have to blog!" as she bangs on my computer. *SIGH* Check out that hair. We buy No More Tangles by the barrel in this house, I'm telling you. It's much cuter now, though, since I combed it out. MG has gotten about 37 time outs for hitting, pushing, pinching, hair pulling, etc. today. I am about sick of it. Time outs better start having some sort of effect, or I'm going to start spanking butts. Honestly.....

At least she's too small to really hurt us. Well, except for poor Claire. Most second children survive, though, right?
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Fulmer Fam said...

I am hoping so on my end as well, on the most second children survive part :)