Monday, January 14, 2008


Well, we finally got the Christmas tree down, so I felt like it was time to take down the blog's Christmas lights, too, and get a new header up. What do you think? I'm getting very artsy fartsy with FotoFlexer, aren't I?

Barbie, I'm loving your comments, and I'm so glad you're enjoying the blog!

MG drove me absolutely insane from the time BJ got home until she went to bed tonight. It was like someone fed her 6 cups of Cap'n Crunch for snack. She didn't stop talking the entire time, and she couldn't stand for me to pay attention to anyone else (mostly BJ, but Claire, too) for more than an nanosecond before she was crawling up my legs.

I think she gets jealous of the attention I pay BJ when he gets home, because her behavior generally takes a nosedive right around dinner time. Any suggestions on how to deal with this lovely new development?

She really had no excuse to act up, we went to the mall and played in the play area for more than two hours this morning. There were a bunch of hilarious kids. It's always interesting to watch the different parenting styles at the mall. One mom about ran MG down when her 15 month old escaped the play area. I was thinking, "Lady, it's the mall, where do you think he's going to go? You don't have to sprint..." but, well, whatever. Maybe he was faster than he looked. Maybe that's how she stays so thin...

The kids all had a great time running in circles and acting silly. One would've thought that she would have run off all the Cap'n Crunch, but I guess not. Claire is getting really quick on her feet, er... knees? MG never crawled like this - she army crawled forever, then really crawled for a couple days, and then she walked, so it's a little weird. MG was never fast. Claire is fast. Maybe I'll get thin.

So, which Mom was I at the mall? I was the one down on the floor reading to all the kids (not just mine). I was the one throwing Claire up in the air and making her giggle, and then giving her sloppy kisses. I was the one yelling, "Hitch up your britches!" at MG every eleven seconds. I was having fun, too. It was certainly better than sitting at home snapping at each other. It's hard to get around when it's cold, but that's no excuse for staying inside driving each other nuts.


di said...

Hi Amy
My 2cents worth about MG wanting attention: you had mentioned in an earlier post about being with MG most of her awake hours since her 'beginning.' And of course, very understandably with the nursing(bravo!)and all.
Guessing here but could it be that she is just so used to having You most of the time that she gets crazy jealous when anyone else wants your time?
Possibly BJ could play with MG/read a story to her/just be with her when he gets home so as to break the unwanted pattern and start a new pattern for MG--one that she will look forward to each day.
Just ideas--I know-kids don't come with an Instruction Manuals! so we try and help each other.
Luv ya
Mom Diana

Other Heather said...

Amelia starts to act like a demon child if we don't get her dinner into her on time. Do you guys do an afternoon snack (I'm guessing the answer is "duh!")? Or maybe there's a way to get dinner going earlier (hooray for the Crock Pot).

'Course, applying any of Amelia's world to MG is mostly just silly, but I thought I'd toss this at you just in case it actually helps.