Friday, January 4, 2008

A Pocket Guide to Speaking MG

Mary Grace has about a hundred cute little non-standard-English words and phrases that she uses regularly. Half the fun of living with her is trying to figure out what on earth she's talking about at any given moment... Here are a few of my favorites, things that I don't want to forget as she gets older and forgets her own slang.

Adventure: (n) An outing or field trip.

Big cheese: (n) Parmesan cheese. Etm: we went to Costco and got a 24 oz. container of Parmesan cheese. Now whenever she wants it, she says, "I need some big cheese!"

Biggle: (adj) big girl, this was one of her first made up words. I do not like my biggle potty. Etm: contraction of "big" and "girl."

Bickits: (n, pl) Biscuits. Also the name of beloved stuffed cat.

Big Yuck!: (ph.) Anything dirty or gross is a big yuck.

Boat: (n) Laundry basket. Our Claire is in the boat!

The Bucket: (n) The infant car seat.

Claires: (n, pl) Our baby Claire and all the other babies named Claire, who agree with our Claire on a variety of topics. Claires don't like the bucket.

Cuppy: (n) Sippy cup.

Cute suit: (ph) I think I actually coined this one, but she says it often enough that it has become hers. Everything she wears is a cute suit. This is my cute suit, Mommy. Syn. outfit.

Grandma Dinana: (n) Grandma Diana is hard to say, sometimes it comes out "Dinana." Rhymes with banana.

Guys: (n, pl) Stuffed animals, Little People, etc. All of her toys that have faces are "guys." BJ didn't even realize that he used this word all the time until MG started using it, too.

Kiddle kiddle kiddle: (n) kitty kitty kitty. BJ and I were totally bummed when this one faded from use, because it was so cute.

Mimi: (n) My sister, Aunt Megan.

Much I love you: (ph) What she tells Gramma when she wants to melt her heart.

Nosrus Tap: (n) Rhinoceros Tap, the CD.

Our Claire: (n) Claire Prettybaby. Not to be confused with all the other Claires who don't like the bucket. Our Claire's awake!

Puffs: (n) Gerber Graduates cereal. Our Claire likes puffs.

Spit the milk: (ph) spitting up. Our Claire spit the milk!

Spray: (n) No More Tangles.

Squish: (v) She'll grab me from behind and pull me back into her, so that I'm smashing her into the back of my chair or the couch and say, "Squish!"

Tiny oranges: (n) Mandarin oranges.

Tummy crummies: (ph) Upset stomach. From The Lorax.

You can be happy: (ph).

Can you think of anything I'm forgetting? Leave it in the comments!

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Anonymous said...

I absolutely loved this post! I am glad to see you are taking time to write these things down before they are long forgotten....her little vocabulary gave me a good laugh!

Love, Barbara