Tuesday, January 15, 2008

It's just Tuesday again...

Tuesday must be the most boring day of the week, because I'm sure I've posted "It's just Tuesday" once or twice before.

I think I have Celiac disease. Either that, or I'm a hypochondriac. I'll keep you posted. I should be having the blood test sometime this week. It would be the end of the world, or thereabouts, because if I have it, I have to stop eating all things with gluten. Foods that contain gluten can be summed up in the following, easy to remember, phrase:

"Everything good."

Cup cakes, cookies, pancakes, waffles, bread, anything with oats (or wheat or rye or barley), anything with flour, BEER, donuts, cream of everything soups, casseroles, pasta.....

In other words, I may live longer, or it may just seem longer.

So, I did what any grown up would do - I made chocolate chip cookies. Because, you know, I may not be able to eat chocolate chip cookies much longer. And they're fantastic. Crunchy outside, chewy inside... They're honestly the best cookies I've ever made.

I am very sad about this. I hope I'm just being a hypochondriac.

I have like 14/16 symptoms - and you don't want to hear about most of them, but let's just say that they're digestive symptoms, and they're unpleasant. But the major ones that I've already been treated for separately, which can be indicators of Celiac's are asthma, depression, infertility, blood sugar problems, headaches, itchy skin, heartburn, fatigue.... Of course I DON'T get the one symptom I want - WEIGHT LOSS! And that weird tingly hands and feet thing I went to the doctor for last month? Yeah, that can be a symptom too. And my mom has Celiac disease. I'm hosed. I'm going to go get another cookie.

The kids are fine, but someone else is going to have to teach them how to bake. *sob*

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fran said...

I have a friend with pretty severe Celiac's. I know there are alternative flours that you can try out. If you are diagnosed, I can put you in touch with her. She may have some really good ideas for you. Let me know. Hopefully you are just a hypochondriac :)