Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Looking for...

Back in late October or early November Mom and I ran across another blog, via one of the blogs I read (Sweet|Salty? Toddlerplanet?) that was written by a woman who had one small child (2? 3?) and a baby who was only a month or two old at the time. Her husband had been watching the baby, and she woke to the baby's cries, miffed at her husband for not responding. When she got up to get the crying baby, she discovered that he'd died.

He was only in his early 30s. At the time that we read her blog, the cause of death was unknown. Mom and I can't find it in any of our old chat transcripts or e-mails, I've switched computers, so even if my history went back that far, I wouldn't be able to find it on this machine. I've searched every way I can think of, but am having no luck.

Any idea who we're talking about? Got a link? We're wondering how she and her family did over the holidays. Comment or e-mail me at prbabies@gmail.com. Thanks.

UPDATE: Found her at http://geepatty.blogspot.com - now I'm going to catch up and see how she is.

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Missy said...

Oh, jeez louise!! What are you tryin to do to me with that story??? I am neurotic enough already!!

did you find her???