Monday, January 7, 2008

Lighten UP already!

Wow, I've been a downer. Sorry. The neighbor kids are over right now playing with my kids while their mom is at a meeting, and I'm practicing benign neglect, so I have a minute to lighten things up. I realized that I forgot to tell you this funny thing I read.

So, my mom (who amends that she's a fishitarian, because you can't cuddle a fish, not a vegetarian as I stated before) is a bit of a hippie, and after having a profoundly bad hospital experience when she gave birth to me, decided to have my brother and sister at home with a midwife.

You can't just put your afterbirth in the weekly trash, so instead she buried the placentas under apple trees in the back yard.

I read just recently, here, that the Navajo believe that if you bury the baby's placenta near your home, the baby will always return to you, and further, if you bury it near an object that symbolizes a certain profession, the child will grow up and do that.

Megan and Chuck live right next door to Mom - Megan lives in the house where the two of them were born, next door to where Mom lives now, and Chuck lives in the apartment in Mom's garage. And they're both teachers.

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Rocks In My Dryer said...

"benign neglect"--love that! ;)