Sunday, January 13, 2008

Bad News Bears

Well, it occurred to me this morning that something must have happened by now with those polar bears in Nuremberg, Germany's zoo that I told you about a few days ago... So, I looked it up.

There were two mothers. One had twins, and it appears that she ate them. There's just no gentle way to put that. Having been a new mother, I can tell you that I probably would have eaten Mary Grace, too, if I hadn't had so much help. Poor Mama Bear, whose life was turned upside down by these twins, their father nowhere to be found, the zookeepers totally absent, far from home, no other mothers around to teach her... I totally feel her.

The second mother, who had one cub, showed signs of rejecting her cub, too. Presumably realizing that they had a PR nightmare on their hands if three cubs were eaten at one zoo, the zoo officials intervened and took the cub from the second mother. Now she is depressed.

I hope that this stupid zoo loses their license. I hope that whatever regulatory body exists in Europe or Germany for the oversight of zoos steps in, shuts them down, and that the zoo keepers responsible for the deaths of the cubs are tried for animal cruelty.

You can read the rest of the details here.

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Jen said...

Sad situation, but I like your perspective... Don't tell anyone, but they taste pretty good (human children, that is...)