Monday, January 28, 2008

WTMonday: Official proof that "they" have run out of ideas

It's a special Monday edition of WTFriday... I just couldn't wait to tell you that The New Kids on the Block are reuniting!

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No, I wish I were kidding. According to other blogs, which directed me to this website which I don't actually read, the NKOTB are reuniting (the video is especially moving, don't miss it!).

Well, I guess if the Spice Girls can do it...

I will admit that I luuuuvvved the New Kids when I was in middle school. I even went to the concert. I know. I think it's brave of me to put this out there as a matter of public record, too. But unlike their other millions (?) of fans, I haven't been awaiting their return. In fact, of all the music I listen to, NKOTB are one of the few bands that I used to like but refuse to listen to now (Michael Jackson, the Nelson Brothers, and those kids that sang MMMbop are also in this category). I mean, I'll rock out to a little "Ice, Ice Baby" now and then, and even a little Milli Vanilli, but I do not get all nostalgic for the New Kids. I. Just. Don't. The fact that I used to like them is still embarrassing, and it's been, what, 20 years?

And let's talk about names, while we're discussing reunions... When naming one's band, it's probably best to avoid names that include references to your age - New Kids, Spice Girls, Backstreet Boys. These things work when you're a teenager, but they just don't have the staying power of, say, Aerosmith or the Rolling Stones. It's cool to go see Aerosmith in concert. It's just kind of sad to see the Beach Boys. They're all eligible to be AARP members, they're no longer boys. The Spice Girls should reform as Old Spice. And New Kids? Well, let's just say that New Soccer Dads in the Minivan* would be more accurate, now. They're all pushing 40. And while the Rolling Stones may hear the occasional Kidney Stone joke, it's not nearly as pathetic as a bunch of grown men calling themselves Kids. For that matter, 20 years later they are no longer New, either.

Recycled Old Guys on the Block? Retooled Middle-Aged Men in the Minivan? Eek.

In other news, a whole bunch of people are pregnant and I'm not, and I'm kind of getting baby envy. I can think of 5 expectant moms right off the top of my head. Meanwhile, I'm going through the kids clothes today, pulling out the stuff that Claire has outgrown, and looking at the little bitty outfits and stuff, and I'm starting to think about #3. I'm out of my mind. We don't have room in this house for another baby, much less room in the budget. It would just be silly. Still, matters of the heart (and the ovaries) seldom have anything to do with logic. Maybe I just want to have the new kid on the block. *Snort* I'd better keep Hangin' Tough. You know, take this motherhood thing Step by Step. Even though I know I'll Be Loving You Forever, kids, I don't necessarily need another one of you at present. Oh, I know, I have The Right Stuff. Maybe next year we could have a Valentine Girl? What do you say, BJ, Let's Try It Again? Tonight? Baby, I Believe In You! Don't Give Up On Me! Treat Me Right!**

* I say this as a Mom who drives a minivan, but I'm not trying to be cool, or a sex symbol, or to sell you anything, either, so I'm not nearly as silly.

**Hold On! I'm totally kidding! Don't Give Up On Me! Hahaha! Ok, I have to stop. Stop It, Girl! Heeee...

*** Picture courtesy of my bedroom wall, circa 1988. I used to have this whole theory about how you could tell a lot about a girl by which New Kid she was in love with. Take the poll!


Megan said...

Ohmigod, ohmigod, can I go to the concert with you this time?? Heehee, I was so jealous....

Jen said...

they are just awful.
what a sad day.

Other Heather said...


*twitch twitch*

I'm not sure I can come up with anything else to say.

danandmarsh said...

what a flash back!