Saturday, January 26, 2008

Good news!

I forgot to mention that the gluten intolerance/Celiac's blood test came back negative. So, the good news is that I can still eat what I like. The bad news is that I'm a hypochondriac. Oh well.

Jenny asked, in the comments, when I intervene with Claire's enjoyment of the dog's food. Rest assured that I do not let her eat dog food (even though it's tempting, because she seems to enjoy it more than the people food that I try to feed her). Most of the time it is kept on the counter, out of her reach. When we forget and she gets into it, it gets scooped right out of her mouth, before she has a chance to choke on it. But sometimes you need to take a little video, first, you know? She also has been known to chew on Max's bones. This grosses me out even more than the food, probably because of the dog spit that is on the bones and presumably not on the dog food. But let me tell you, few things are funnier than coming around the corner and seeing your 10 month old gnawing on a rawhide.

At least neither of them have discovered the "chocolates" in the litter box, yet.


Jen said...

You're too funny. I think combined, my kids have probably actually digested a 40# bag of Dog Chow, too. To trump that, Jade actually drinks from the water bowl after she's done eating. I wonder if chicken butts/beaks/toes taste good? Maybe we're the dumb ones... something to think about I guess...

Barbara said...

I am glad to hear that your Celiac's blood test came back negative! That's great news! It is very hard to shop when there are special dietary needs....we are already feeling this with W's HTN. I have to read every label that I come in contact with now. And anything sodium free or low sodium is difficult to find and incredibly expensive.

I love the video of C...she is going to hate you for it when she is older. Geez, I thought my Dad was embarrassing....Hahahaha J/k!

Love you....B