Saturday, February 7, 2009

Make Your Own Fun

When you're stuck at home because everyone has a cold, sometimes you get bored and have to make your own fun. One of my favorite things to do is to call people, put the cordless phone on "speaker," and hand it to one of the kids, then listen as the person I called tries to figure out what's going on. It never fails to crack me up.

Victim: Hello?
Claire: Hel-LO!
Victim: Amy?
Claire: Jumpolee! Jumpolee?
Victim: Mary Grace, is that you?
Claire: Knock knock!
Victim: Who's there?
Claire: Broccoli!
Victim: Hi Claire! Broccoli who?
Mary Grace: I went to the museum and to the McDonald's to play in the tubes, and when I am four I am going to go to the Eiffelberg Tower.
Victim: Claire?
Mary Grace: No, this is Mary Grace...
Victim: Hi Mary Grace, how are you?
Claire: Jumpolee! Jumpolee! JUMPOLEE!!!
Victim: Is that Claire?
Mary Grace: Sometimes I like to read books and sometimes I like to play trains and tomorrow it's going to be summer and we're going to go to the beach.
Victim: I don't think it's going to be summer tom...
Claire: Broccoli! Broccoli! BROC CO LEEEE!!!
Victim: Where's your mommy?
Mary Grace: Last year when I was little, my mom and my sister and Lucy and Jane and Justine and I went to the beach and we got sand all OVER!
Claire: Max! Sit down!
Victim: Ok, can I talk to Mommy now?
Mary Grace: Want to hear my new song? (sings loudly and unintelligibly)
Claire: (sings even more loudly and unintelligibly)

See how much fun that is? I think you need to get yourself a kid so that you can play this game with your friends and relatives too!

In other news, it took me until 10:50 to get the kids to bed tonight, so I'm going to google the recipe for a hot toddy (I made mine with lots of tea instead of a little hot water, Scotch, because that's what I have on hand, lemon and honey... Just needed the proportions).


RobMonroe said...

Ahh yes, that does sound like fun. It's incredible to me when my MIL wants to talk with Abby on the phone. I get annoyed talking with Abby on the phone, and I live with her!

Kathryn said...

Who was the poor victim?

Anonymous said...

Hahaha this made me laugh so hard! What IS jumpolee? My friends/family members would be so annoyed with me... but then maybe that is part of the fun!

Amy said...

The victim is usually Mimi, although my mom and dad often get calls, too. :)

I think Jumpolee is trampoline, actually. When she says it she's usually bouncing up and down. There's a trampoline at gymnastics - I think it's a mishmash of "jump" and "trampoline" (trampolee).