Tuesday, April 21, 2009

And you may ask yourself, how did I get here?

One of the most popular posts on many blogs is a round up of search terms that led searchers to said blog. I just found a couple doozies in my stats:

Anal Leakage & Cat - wow, dude. Sorry. I know I was no help, but, yikes.

Cleaning Up Confetti Out of a Lawn - I'm pretty sure you don't want to use a vacuum. Beyond that, my only advice is to make the kids do it.

and finally

Nadia Suleman vs. Dr. Phil - this was within the past 24 hours. Seriously, kids, aren't we over it yet?


Heather Bungard-Janney said...

How do you do that? I'm not able to find my search stats.

Cate said...

I've got to know about the anal leakage & cat incident....