Thursday, April 2, 2009

I Got Got

Well, I thought I was the master of the April Fools, but I got pranked by BJ. I got pranked hard.

I went out shopping last night without BJ and the kids, and when I came home I opened up the computer to check my e-mail. I was greeted by several scary error messages, in pop ups on my screen that looked exactly like the real thing...

The first one said: Warning! AVG_8531.exe could not be found!

AVG is my virus checker.

The next said: Warning: conficker.wj32 detected.

My head exploded.

The third said: Delete all files on c:\?

At this point, I spazzed and powered my laptop off, and then I swore, a lot, right in front of the kids.

Then BJ starts laughing. If I hadn't spazzed, the rest of the error messages would've said:

Error reading c:\
Warning: Hard disc drive failure - c:\ missing or unreadable.
Warning: Abandon all hope.
I bet you think your pretty funny don't you?

Of course, I would've been screaming and crying by that point, so the humor would've been lost on me.

Jeez. I make him a Cheerio necklace, a "grilled cheese" out of pound cake and frosting, and a "hot fudge sundae" out of mashed potatoes, and he gives me heart failure. NOW I remember why I don't do April Fools Day!!


chicagogoebel said...

I think I've gotten the "Warning: Abandon All Hope" error before. It too was greeted by profanity, weeping, a reboot and crossed fingers.

chicagogoebel said...

oh-only mine wasn't a joke...