Monday, April 6, 2009

Nothing to Report

The kids and I are home, while BJ's on a business trip in Wisconsin. He'll be home after they go to bed tonight, assuming the traffic in Chicago isn't too horrendous. Of course, I'm on Twitter and get a "Breaking News Alert" about a Cessna that's been stolen in Canada and is being intercepted by F-16s over Central Wisconsin. Where BJ is. Right now. With our friend "Pierre," who is French and likely to surrender to the Cessna (he doesn't read or want to be mentioned on the blog - that'll teach him!!). Fortunately I'm pretty sure they're a couple hours south of where the action is, and I'm just hoping that the F-16s have the situation well in hand and won't allow the plane to get too close to a populated area like Milwaukee or Chicago.


Our social calendar is really starting to fill up for April, so since our only planned activity today was Open Gym, we decided to stay home and chill and watch movies. It's 7:30 pm and the girls are still in their jammies. Not already, still. I've been reading, watching Oprah (all the Mommybloggers were on today - it was very odd, like watching a bunch of my friends on TV, even though none of them have the faintest clue who I am. But once you've heard someone's kid's potty training horror stories, it makes you close, you know? Even if it's a one-way close), and dorking around on the 'net all day, while also doing laundry and waiting hand and foot on my kids (seriously, the next person to ask for something, whether it be popcorn or PB&J or cocoa is going to get it).

Claire was fun today...

Claire: I want drink!
Me: Do you want milk?
Claire: I WANT drink!
Me: Do you want juice?
Claire: I want DRINK!
Me: Do you want water?
Me: Do you want tea?
Me: Do you want whiskey?
Me, opens fridge: Show me what you want.
Claire: I want milk.

Was all of that strictly necessary?

In other, completely unrelated news, my friend Amy Turn Sharp Stumbled my April Fools Post and I had almost 2000 hits on 4/2. I looked at my stats and thought I had clicked on the wrong blog. I felt famous. I liked it. I can't wait to go to BlogHer and figure out how to have more 2000 hit days!

(For those of you who aren't big geeks like myself, that means that Amy hit a button that's basically a thumbs up that she has installed on her web browser, which added me to a database, and other people hit their, "So, what's cool today?" buttons and came to my blog. 2000 people, to be exact. That's a lot of people. And BlogHer is the conference I'm going to in July, where I'm going to learn how to be an even better geek.)

I can't figure out why April is shaping up to be so busy. Is it because of my birthday, or is everyone just coming out of hibernation? Either way, I like it. It's hard to believe that it's April when we wake up to a covering of snow on the ground. On the other hand, my friend Cate in Alaska had like 6 feet of snow on the ground the other day, so I feel silly worrying about such a little bit.

I think I'm going to get the girlies to bed early tonight, then work on a new blog design. I hate the way the blog looks. I liked that header before, but now it does nothing for me. Time to move on. I'm thinking polka dots...

What did you do on this chilly, wet Monday?

Updated to add: Just now, while on the phone with BJ I checked for updates on the Cessna situation. He remains unimpressed. He says, "Well, we're not in Wisconsin anymore," and I swear, I hit refresh on Twitter at that exact moment and saw this:
FAA officials tell BNO News that the stolen Cessna aircraft has flown into Illinois and is still being chased by F16s. Details to come.
They're following him.

And BJ, my calm, calm husband, says, "I don't think I've made any enemies in Canada recently."

Do you think they're safe at Giordano's? 'Cause I'm not loving this.

Rebe - look out the window and let me know if you see any F-16s. This is getting too close to home. I have about a zillion friends and relatives in the Greater Chicago Area. Yuck. BJ insists that a Cessna 172 is teeny and couldn't do much damage. I say, it can do enough that it has a couple of F-16s on its tail! Shoot it down over the lake!

Hopefully it'll get south of BJ and "Pierre" while they're eating. Sheesh. Never a dull moment at Chez Prettybabies.


RobMonroe said...

Plane landed safely on a highway in Missouri, and parked on a side street. He went to a convenience store to be arrested.

Case closed. :o)

Mocha Dad said...

Wow! 2000 hits. I'm impressed. The most I've gotten in a single day is 500.

Jen said...

I'd say I doubt they're willing to shoot down any plane just 'cuz it's stolen... they just wanted to make sure it didn't try to crash into anything important, like say, the Sears Tower. It's kind of like the same mentality of chasing a stolen car... once you get it it'll probably be trashed an no one wants it back anyway, so let's not get people killed over it, K?

Cate said...

Hey! Thanks for the mention...especially since you're practically famous with your 2000 hits and all. I have been meaning to say that Claire is SO funny. I love the "I spilled" story, and the whole drink thing today was hilarious, especially with you offering her whiskey. I just discovered that Iris will growl (her favorite noise of the moment) on command (if you do it first). Too cute.