Thursday, April 9, 2009

Hunting Wabbits

I may be vewwy vewwy quiet the next few days. We've got one heck of a busy weekend ahead of us.

Friday - birthday party for my cousin in Grammaland.
Saturday - lunch with Gramma Denna, dinner with Gramma Susan.
Sunday - morning Easter festivities with Grandpa Ben, afternoon visit with Gramma Diana.
Monday - Uncle Chuck and Grandpa Bob coming to our house, then to go to gym with girlies.
Tuesday - pass out!

Random Amy Trivia: I experienced two Easters between my birth and my first birthday.

So, my birthday is Monday. I think that doing "the circuit" as we call it when we hit Grammaland and try to see everyone, moving through town like a whirling-minivan-shaped-dervish, on the weekend before my birthday is what I get for putting my foot down and refusing to leave my house on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day last year. It'll be fun, though, in an exhausting sort of way. It's been too long since we've seen everyone, and I'm glad that we'll have the chance to visit with all our parents (and I'm sorry if you're not on the itinerary, but we probably won't see you this trip. I miss you and love you and we'll try it again soon). I just hope the girls can handle it and don't get overloaded and strung out on sugar and being spoiled by grandparents. My luck - they'll hit maximum fun capacity just as we walk into church on Easter morning, whereupon they will completely flip their tiny lids and embarrass the crap out of me, most likely in front of some important person from my distant past who is not aware of the fact that I am a Perfect Mother (no, really, I am - a quiz on Facebook told me so).

More Random Amy Trivia: My cousin Ian was born on April 12. I was born on April 13. My niece and nephew were born on the 14th and 15th.

I am quite certain that my friend Karen, who is pregnant with her third child, is going to go into labor the moment I leave town tomorrow night, because that's how my luck tends to work. Karen is due on my birthday. I'm surprised that she didn't try to talk me into leaving early when I explained that she'd surely go into labor while I'm in Grammaland. She's looking for names, so leave suggestions in the comments. Her boys are Owen and Cameron, so it kind of has to match. This baby is also a boy. I suggested Trey (Mimi's husband, Trey, was also the third boy in his family).

If I don't get back to blogging before then, have a happy Easter, and a happy my-birthday!

(Had to switch pics - that other one was copyrighted, even though it's clipart. Huh? I thought the whole point of clipart was that you could reproduce it without worrying about licensing. Anyway, this one is from, and is cuter anyway.)


Cathie said...

Happy Birthday (and Easter) to you! Have fun visiting with everyone, and be safe with all that traveling. Btw, where will you be going to church Sunday morning? Don't worry, I won't stalk you, eventhough it would be fun to watch your perfect mom reputation come to a crashing end. ;) I am just curious...

Anonymous said...

Karen needs to name the baby Doug or Dylan or the like. Then the initials will be OCD.
Yes I need a nap.
Love ya,

Kathryn said...

More random trivia - Ian's scheduled c-section was originally on April 13th but it was a Friday in 2001 and have a thing about Friday the 13th

Karen said...

Dear Dad,
Thank you for the suggestion.