Sunday, April 12, 2009

Hoppy Easter

We now return you to your regularly scheduled blogging, after a weekend of being spoiled by relatives. We are fat and happy, and so lucky to have so many wonderful relatives in "Grammaland."

I bought these outfits almost a year ago, remember? They were a steal, and well worth waiting for. They fit perfectly today, and made the older people sitting behind us in church today say "Awwww..." a little too audibly when we snuck in 10 minutes into the service (Amy does not do early, and 8:15 on a Sunday is way early - it's honestly a wonder we made it at all!).

My girlies even kept them clean. They're so good.

Note the shoes. They're about two sizes too big, but shoe shopping with kids is nearly impossible, so I traced their feet onto a piece of paper, left them for their usual time with Allison on Friday, and did the best I could at the store without actual feet. Fortunately, months and months of walking in oversized plastic high heeled "princess" shoes has finally paid off, and they were able to keep the "tulip shoes" on, for the most part.

Too much candy, too much fun, too little rest. I can haz nap?


Anonymous said...

I thought you didn't want to reveal your surname in your blog.

Quinn Cummings had an interesting post about dear Maddie on her blog last Friday.

Amy said...

Fixed it Anon, thanks! That's what happens when we blog while exhausted!

RobMonroe said...

Way too cute! My pics are up on the flickr site, blogging will have to wait today as I was away last week and am now officially swamped!

Happy belated Easter!

Robin Costello (Delswife) said...

Aw, sweet pictures. Hoppy easter to you too!