Sunday, July 6, 2008

Expensive Habits - Cute Suits

My friend Julie found some crazy lady on Craigslist who was selling Strasburg outfits for $5 each. Normally these things retail for $100. So naturally Julie took the outfits off of crazy lady's hands (her exact words were, "I will take everything you have!"). One of them was about Claire's size, so she sent it to me...

Ohmygosh, it's adorable. It's this super delicate white cotton with a white-on-white tiny, subtle, floral print, with pink roses embroidered on the pockets and at the hem of the pants. It's a sleeveless top and pants. So freaking cute.

So I got on Ebay, and damned if there wasn't a matchy matchy one in Mary Grace's size.

I am currently the high bidder.

They should fit by the end of the summer, so maybe the girlies will wear them to Mimi's rehearsal dinner (October may be a little late for white matchy suits, though), or maybe I'll go nuts and let them wear them for MG's birthday (cake on a white outfit? Maybe not...).

Maybe we'll just be sensible and ask Jenny to photograph them, and then we'll very carefully fold them and put them away. (Need to find plain white diapers, because having Elmo and Cookie Monster showing through on the rear would be Very Tacky).

I didn't even know that the Strasburg brand existed. This could be a very expensive habit.

So, what else am I missing? There's more to kids' clothes than Gymboree, apparently. What are you dressing your little fashionistas in?

Confidential to Strasburg: I would be happy to dress my pretty babies in free samples and promote the heck out of you on this here blog. Call me!


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Rob Monroe said...

My girl gets clothes from all over the place, but that's because we do Outlet shopping. Lots more clothes for lots less money.

I love the outfit!

Anonymous said...

Amy, When you visit Orlando I will show you to one of their really big outlets.

:) Mandy