Saturday, July 12, 2008

Saturday - blah

I have food poisoning (I'll spare you the details). I have never met a family that gets sick as often as we do. Clearly I need to do something differently, but what? I wash my hands constantly. Maybe I need to be better about washing the kids' hands. I have no idea.

It's pouring, and the roof is leaking. Again. Ugh. The roofer wanted $5000. I don't have $5000. Oh, and we need $2000 worth of new carpet. And we've already taken out a home improvement loan. I am having very negative, illegal impulses toward my house right now (don't worry, it's actually too wet to burn down). I don't know why I keep getting these quotes fo things I know we can't afford - like someone is just going to take pity on me and say, "Don't worry, Amy, I'll fix the leak and recarpet your downstairs for $250. Because you're nice, and because I love your blog." What really sucks is that we've already fixed the roof, but the fix didn't work. I hate being a homeowner.

The birthday party we were supposed to go to at the park has been rained out, so we're having cake and ice cream at the birthday boy's house, instead. I still haven't bought a gift. I think I'm going to give him a card and a check for his college fund. He's a second child, so he gets all the good hand me downs from his older brother, and he's 1 year old. They need new toys about as much as we do. His Mom and I try to do "clutter-free" gifts for each other, because neither of us have room in our small houses for more stuff. I bought a flower-arranging class for the two of us for her birthday, she took us for manis and pedis for mine. So, college funds are clutter free, right? I thought about a savings bond, but apparently it takes 3 weeks to get those, and you can't get them at our bank, anyway. When I found out that it took 3 weeks, I started thinking about a check. Maybe a check and a book, just so he has something to open. A board book called "Auntie Amy Gives You Checks Because She Doesn't Plan Ahead, but You'll Be Grateful When You Are 18 and Go To College, so Quit Crying, Already!"

I google image searched "bad day" and saw a bunch of funny cartoons, but this is a family blog, so I'll just let YOU google, too, and pick your favorite illustration. I like the outhouse one.


Jenn said...

I'm sorry you are having a hard time ,with the house and everyone getting sick. I feel for you and I know it's no fun. Since I have kids and a house and I'm not rich I so get it! Hope you have a good day today!

di said...
Amy-certainly hope you are feeling better this afternoon!
About frequent illnesses and such: Link might add to what you already know.
I will pass on what has helped me. Use what you can and check out the ideas if you wish. Just sharing here.
Also, know money is an issue for all of us. Some Holist doctors, covered or not by insurance, have great knowledge on how to prevent illnesses.
Here are some things i've learned.
The Gut is extremely important. The immune system kind-of-like 'starts here.' Since antibiotics kill the 'good flora' along with the bad, frequently people's G's can get out of balance (hence yeast infections,sinus problems, etc) and make them more susptible to infection.
Might ask your Dr about this: what dosage he/she recommends of Probiotics for adults and kids or maybe dr will suggest just Yogurt with acidopholus and/or pills to supplement. Pretty much in the same family. Far as i know Probiotics can't hurt a body.
Acidolphus is so helpful when diah...strikes. Calms stomach so quickly and helps restore balance.
Just some thoughts/ideas.