Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Underwhelming Enthusiasm

I'm sitting here trying to work up the energy to go upstairs, get a shower, get everyone dressed, and go to the park.

It's a beautiful day. We SHOULD go to the park. But it's just so much easier to sit here and watch Monsters, Inc. 10,000 times. I SHOULD go upstairs and fold 6 loads of laundry, but I don't really have it in me to do that, either.

I hate it when I get this way. I think I'm just taking my downtime now, while I can, since we're going to be going to Washington DC from the 5th to the 9th, and then MG's birthday party is on the 10th, and I'm going to be running from about the 3rd to the 11th of August. Knowing how much work all of that's going to be, I think my mind is just telling my body, "You'd better rest now, while you can, because the beginning of next month is going to be a sprint." Either that, or I need to up my Zoloft!!

One of the local movie theaters does kids' movies for $1 at 10:30 am all summer long. Do you think I've managed to get there? Not once.

The library's story time is at 10 am. I managed to get there once. When Justine was here and I had help, it was easier. I've gotten out of the habit of taking care of my own kids. How sad is that?

But it's going to be really hot - almost 90 - this afternoon, so I really should go. All I have to do is start moving, and it'll be ok. I know that.

So why am I still sitting here? *sigh*

What do you do when you just can't get rolling?


Anonymous said...

Do you need some Purple Chicken to get you going???

amy turn sharp of doobleh-vay said...

I am having the same problem today (um, a whole week really) xo

Sarah M. said...

I have that problem alll the time. I think it is partially just having two small children LOL

I find that a shower gets me going usually and I can go from there. The trick is getting in the dang shower. LOL

Rob Monroe said...

I have that problem, but unfortunately mine is often health-related. When my body/brain tells me to chill, I have to chill or I will be out of luck later on.

So, you'll be in DC, eh? I know someone who lives near there. :o)

Michelle said...

Music music music!!! Listen to a make-you-want-to-get-up-and-dance song. Works for me. Something from Flashdance usually does the trick. You know, imitating her working out to Maniac with leg warmers and everything!

adymommy said...

I have the same problem often. I am all for routine but I also fall off now and then. Today, for instance, I am skipping swim class with my son.

Just the guilt of not doing anything with the kids usually snaps me out of it. Or maybe the kids driving me crazy does it!
Good Luck!

Jen said...

Let yourself enjoy a down day - when everyone is actually healthy!
You're a great mom. It's not going to kill anyone to hang at home for a day or so. The laundry isn't going anywhere. Take care of you, too, and you'll be better for it.
Not only that but it'll teach your little ones to be more creative with what they have and they'll learn to appreciate that not every day is Disneyland...

Erin said...

amy, i'm STILL there! Katelynn's napping and you'd think I'd continue with the cleaning & de-cluttering of the house or maybe I'd take a shower. Well, I can't do that because Matt called the septic tank company to come and pump out the gross goo. (apparently it needs to be done every so often if you have a septic tank) And I don't want to be in the shower when and if they come. This morning they said they'd be here before noon. At 12:30 they called and said they'd be here soon. It's past 2:30 and I don't feel like doing a thing. Just keepin' it real. :)

Heather said...

I was reading a housekeeping website called FlyLady.com, and she offered this piece of advice.

The day starts when you decide it does. If you're having a rough one, and you're beating yourself up over it, get up, take a shower, and get dressed. Pretend it's morning and just start over. What would you do first, once you were up and moving for the day?

Or, you're shutting down in response to overwhelm. In which case, allow yourself the downtime.

Erin said...

It was one of those days yesterday. The septic tank people didn't show up until 4:45! Matt actually met them as they were leaving. Good news is that we don't have to have that done again for another 10 years. I'm hoping we'll be in another house by then. :) Whoever said being a responsible adult was fun? Hmm..

Jennifer, Playgroups Are No Place For Children said...

Amen. I've been a slug for two weeks. My neighbors even came over to see why we hadn't been outside. It's just easier to stay in, watch some 'toons, and keep cool.