Monday, July 28, 2008

Social Networking

I have a Facebook page and a Myspace page, but I rarely get on either unless someone else sends me something that I have to log in to see.

I'm prettybabies on Twitter. I am on there a little more often.

What social networking sites do you use?


Rob Monroe said...

I was on MySpace for more than a year and maxed out at 8 friends. Decided to quit. My friend invited me to Facebook, and now I check in with it several times daily.

I also use Flickr (the photo site) for networking and feedback on my pics.

I just sent you a friend request on Facebook. I'll be looking for confirmation that you've accepted my request very soon. :o)

Brian McMillan said...

Have you tried linkedin? It's more of a business networking site and less "social", but still pretty good. You put info in there about your resume and people can link to you if you have similar work experience, interests, etc.

I would say facebook is pretty much your best bet for "social" networking though...I find myspace kinda trashy, at least that's it's reputation.

Amy said...

Rob - confirmed :)

Brian - I agree. I think the page designs on MySpace are too much, and they detract from the content of whatever page you're on. It makes me feel like I'm walking through a city filled with graffiti.

I'll take a look at linkedin.


adymommy said...

I, too, have myspace and facebook accounts that I rarely use. I just don't care for myspace. It is littered with teens and loud music.

I love twitter! ADDICTING!

Barbara said...

You know me...I am a huge MySpace fan. I have my page set to private so no weirdos are able to see my page, my 140 friends are all people I know. We also have a CHS class of 1995 page which has about 100 of us on there; it will come in handy for organizing reunions and such. There is a CHS show choir page and a Chesterton page, etc. I am also on Facebook...I really don't care for the way it is formatted. I also have a page on Hi5 too. It is very similar to MySpace and more popular in Latin America. All of my Venezuelan family is on there and people that I worked with on the humanitarian in the Dominican Republic. I love being found by people I haven't heard from in Lisa Burgess, who found me on Facebook last week.