Friday, July 25, 2008

Attack of the Killer Zucchini

I made the mistake, at last week's farmer's market, of admiring a HUGE zucchini that Nancy and Barb, the women who farm for our farm co-op had out on the table. "Wow," I said, "That's a big one!" Barb said that no one wanted the huge zucchinis that had come out of their garden, and I said, "Pshaw, that would make awesome zucchini bread!"

I stopped Wednesday to drop off a booklet from the CTIC farm tour (because I only grow weeds, what do I know about conservation and farming?!) to Nancy and Barb. They're trying to get certified organic, and I thought that putting them in touch with CTIC might be beneficial for all parties. Also, the booklet had info about the farms we visited, and they might be able to network with some of the farmers whose farms we saw.

I'm all about bringing people together.

"I wish I'd called you," Barb said, "No one wants the huge zucchini, and I thought you would be able to use them for bread!"

I love zucchini, so I eagerly agreed to stop by the farmer's market across the river on Thursday to pick up the giants that no one wanted, and I promised Nancy and Barb a loaf of zucchini bread.

I picked up the 5 killer zucchini yesterday. I am going to be making zucchini bread for the rest of my life. Check these out!

The harvest required special equipment!

I need to keep these away from Mary Grace, or she'll name them and put them to bed! Clearly they miss their mommies.

Ok, I kid, they're not quite that big, but look at this unphotoshopped picture, and tell me that I'm not going to be making zucchini bread until the end of time. I have five of these!

I've had babies that were smaller.

Send me your best zucchini recipes, it's a zucchini emergency!


Chelle said...

Zucchini sticks are my favorite! Other than the bread, of course. Here's a link to the recipe...although I didn't use the pepper.

Chelle said...

So pasting the link didn't work. I'll email it to ya!

Momo Fali said...

Yum! My Mom makes Zucchini brownies that are just delicious. I'd send you a recipe, but she does it without one. Yep, she's one of THOSE Moms.

juliagulia said...

ok so i found your blog through blogher and love it! Sorry i dont have a zucchini recipe. but i have a question how did you get your farm co-op started? I am trying to find one in my area and dont know how to start. Thanks