Wednesday, July 9, 2008

I need an electric fence

I'm sitting on our patio, enjoying the fact that the kids played with the new playhouse for 10 minutes all by themselves. Then I look up and Mary Grace is letting herself out of the backyard fence.

How much do you think a residential electric fence would cost, because, seriously, Mommy hasn't read her blogs All Stinkin' Day.

I cleaned the toy room this morning and weeded out all the toys we've outgrown or lost crucial pieces to (of course, nothing you gave us! All of the toys from you are in acrylic boxes, and we only get them out under the strictest of clean room conditions, ensuring that they are available to be loved for generations to come). I ended up with an entire laundry basket full of mainly Happy Meal toys, and other stuff that the kids no longer play with (teethers, Sassy stuff, the works). It feels great to have that done. We've been meaning to tackle it for a while.

I took Justine and the kids to Dawn's, then my aunt Julie brought down the playhouse for the kids, we had lunch, I went to work, yelled at the Department of Workforce Development (collective IQ = eleven) for a couple of hours, wrote the governor a letter about how the DWD sucks, picked up the kids, and came home.

I am beat! On the way through campus after I picked up the kids, MG said, "Mommy! Let's go to the new Noodle restaurant that's best in the whole world and get noodles! Please Mommy!" and since I knew what she meant and I didn't really feel like making supper, anyway, that's where we're headed. Right after BJ finishes changing the horrible poopy diaper that I tricked him into changing. Hee...


Jen said...

Really, I'm not stalking you - I just checked in.
Anyway. We have a "residential" electric fence for the, uh, dog.
I can give you details of it's one time correction efficiency, and for your yard especially VERY VERY low cost.
So long as we're talking about ways to keep the dog in...

Amy said...

Hello BlogHer Readers!

I am so embarrassed that BlogHer (randomly?) picked this post to feature under the ads today. Talk about boring. Sheesh. It couldn't have been my brilliant analysis of... something... or my award winning recipe for... well... Ok, there wasn't a lot to choose from.

Click around. I promise I'm not usually this boring. Usually. Except when I am.

Love & kisses,