Saturday, July 19, 2008

Another Saturday Night and I Ain't Got Nobody...

BJ is going to Brandon's house tonight, which is totally fair since Brandon and I went out and did some wine tasting last night. We had such a good time. We went to the fancy place downtown, whose name has something to do with corn, for you locals, and got an appetizer (a pumpkin flower stuffed with crab and some other stuff, then fried in tempura batter, on a bed of southwestern coleslaw - it was weird, and really good. I'm going to have to take my mom there, because she likes weird, good food, but we'll need a sitter because it is not a good place for prettybabies). We had two glasses of white wine with the appetizer and bread, then we got two chocolate desserts and two glasses of red wine, and we split everything. It was a lot of fun. Two nights in one week where I could be out without the kids - I'm getting spoiled!

I'm hoping that Jenny will have her somewhat annual wine tasting party again this fall, so Brandon can be my date. BJ doesn't drink, so a wine tasting for him is about as much fun as an art show is for a blind person. I've gone stag in the past, but I think Brandon will really enjoy himself. Hopefully Jenny won't mind if I bring my back up husband.

I just need to pause in the narrative here, for a moment, and express my complete and undying hatred for the "Higglytown Heroes."

Anyway, I am extremely spoiled, because not only did I get to go out last night, BJ also let me sleep in and made waffles for breakfast this morning. Woah! I love being married.

We have several entertainment options tonight, while he's at Brandon's. There's a festival downtown called Dancing in the Streets, with lots of bands and food, but there's also lots of beer, and I'm concerned that it might be too adult for the kids. There's also the county fair, which starts today, but I'd rather wait until all four of us can go to that. I'll probably end up just hanging out at home, maybe cleaning up so I can find my Entertainment book (isn't that an odd thing to lose?), and letting the kids watch movies. It's hot and sticky already, and it isn't even noon, so the idea of going out and exposing my sunburn to more sun, again, doesn't thrill me.

In other news, I am going to be quoted in a book. Apparently I said some pretty profound things (three, to be exact) in an online forum, and one of the participants is assembling a book of several hundred of the profound things that people said. The three quotes of mine that he asked permission to use are:
See, it's easier to just let everyone make their own choices. Then you have so much time free with which to run your own life...

The sum of your experience does not equal the sum of the diversity in the world.

and, my favorite:
I mean, you'd be irritable, too, if someone were trying to cut open your skull with a dull axe.
The first one is one of my guiding principles for life. I do a terrible job of following it, because I freely dispense advice and, yes, judgment on a regular basis. However, as I get older, particularly as I grow as a parent, I am getting better at living by it. I used to see other peoples' choices, if they differed from mine, as a condemnation of my choices. Now I'm beginning to realize that every choice someone makes is its own unique choice based on their own unique circumstances... and if someone chooses differently than I have, well, they must have a good reason that I don't have. And, generally, they aren't making their choice in order to condemn what I've done. They're just doing the best they can for themself, in their unique situation, that is completely different from my situation.

Of course, some religious guy just knocked on the door wanting to give us pamphlets, and caused Max to bark while Claire is sleeping, which is totally uncool. My soul is not available for saving during nap time. However, he must have a good reason why he thinks we're heathens (could be my profound lack of landscaping - I hear only heathens suck at gardening), and maybe his kids are grown and don't nap, so instead of cursing the very ground he walks on, I'll just smile and nod and hope that he never ever comes back.

Anyway, the idea that anyone thinks anything I've said (much less three things!) is worthy of publication and being put in print for all posterity is extremely flattering. I can die, now, knowing that I will live on. 60 of my words will be enshrined for all time, even if the book is called Contradictory Statements!

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Heather said...

No, no, no. Heathens are the BEST gardeners, what with all that earth and sun worship and stuff. The only difficulty, and this does tend to hinder one's heathen skill in landscaping, is that the neighbors tend to complain when you try to commune with nature in your birthday suit.


And you should TOTALLY put up a sign on your door that says "Baby's naptime - my soul is not available for saving right now." And then you could just leave it up, 24/7. Then you could point to the sign and give the offender a REALLY dirty look, and not have to say a word as you shut the door on them!

I'm so mean inside my head.