Sunday, July 20, 2008


Mary Grace bit Claire on the foot this morning so hard that she drew blood. I am PISSED. She got a 3 minute time-out, I bit her back (for demonstration purposes - to show her that it doesn't feel good, I certainly didn't draw blood), and I took away the TV for the day. Honest to God, there are days when I wish we believed in spanking. Seems to me that telling her to go out in the yard and cut a switch would deter future biting.

It is so hard, having the age difference that we have between the kids. If they were twins, they'd be roughly equal in size, and they could sort it out for themselves. But Mary Grace is about 50% bigger than Claire, and a lot stronger and more coordinated. She could really hurt Claire (exhibit A: blood on her foot where she bit her), and there's not much I can do to prevent it. Sure, I can try to catch her in the act, but these things happen fast. I was sitting right there when she bit, and didn't realize that it had happen until Claire screamed. All I can do is give her time outs and consequences, and when Claire is crying and bleeding, 3 minutes on the step and taking away TV for a day doesn't seem like enough.

Honestly, deep in the dark recesses of my heart, I am looking forward to the day when Claire is big enough to give her a taste of her own medicine. Of course, I'll punish Claire when it finally happens, but in my head I'll be thinking, "It's about time!"


Jenn said...

Ouch! My girls each took a turn biting their younger sibling,but never bit anyone else's kid thank goodness! Taylor bit Tori one morning and I heard her screaming but couldn't see anything wrong with her, I took her pamper off just to see if she had some kind of thing going wrong down there and that's when I seen what hurt...there was a nice bite mark on one of her chubby little cheeks..right through her pamper!
Tori was alone for two seconds with Tanner and I heard screaming walked in the room and he looked like someone with red lipstick kissed his cheeck(face) but no it was a nice bite mark..I got a picture of that one!

adymommy said...

My youngest bit the older ones for a period of time. It resulted in more frustration for the older ones though. My 6 year old is 3x the size of his baby brother, to this day I still can't figure out how Jaden got him cornered and then bit his belly so hard it bled. You would think the 6 year old would have knocked him away or something!

Thankfully that phase has passed. Now we just have the general fighting and bickering among them.

Anonymous said...

Biting is hard because it doesn't hurt them a bit to do it, and they don't realize how much it hurts on the other end! I think all kids do it once or twice, some continue and have to be reigned in (like David!! haha!) Hopefully what you did to curb it will be adequate. Being a mom just isn't easy some times. I feel your pain.

Have the T-Shirt said...

My kids never were biters, which is a good thing because they are six years apart. My older one could have done some major damage. (In fact I imagine my older one inflicted more emotional wounds than physical ones, you know the whole "You're adopted" thing).

However, I ran a small day care in my home for about six years and I had a couple of biters during those years. I used to put their own hands in their mouths and push their chins so they would "bite" themselves, telling them that biting hurts and biting someone isn't being a good friend. That seemed to work pretty well.

Biting is a tough one because they don't relate the act to the ensuing tears and wringing of hands.

Good luck!

Have the T-Shirt said...

Oh yea, I also repeated a mantra of "Our teeth are for biting food, not friends."

I was such a doof!

Heather said...

Ohhh, crap. Anyone with any advice for me would be lavished with gratitude: my kid is in daycare, and the ONLY thing they will kick your kid out for (other than, y'know, not paying) is biting.

Well, today I got that phone call. Again. This is the third time the merdelette has bitten a kid, and while she's never drawn blood, she's still frickin' BITING other kids!

I almost think she's doing it because she doesn't want me dropping her off for the day. (So of course, I now have the perfect excuse for mom-guilt...)


Advice? Anyone?